How to use the PDF/PostScript Import with Pstoedit

Please Note:

  • Pstoedit was published by Dr. Wolfgang Glunz under the GNU public license (GPL) - It is a Open Source program which converts PDF and PostScript files to other vektor formats via the command line. Pstoedit is not a part of BESgrav, it will only be called by BESgrav to make the use of it easier. If the installation is correctly done, there is no disanvantage in comfort to a normal BESgrav import.
  • Pstoedit itself requires GhostScript, an PostScript interpreter. It was puplished by the GhostScript Community under GNU Affero General Public License, which allows free use and download.
  • This import only works for vektor graphics and texts. There is no transforming of embedded pixel graphics or scanned documents.



  1. To use the PDF/PostScript import via Pstoedit the DXF and EPS import in BESgrav must be enabled and a version starting 4.20R must be installed. Please make sure of that.
  2. Identify if you are using a 32Bit (x86) or 64Bit (x64) version of Windows.
  3. Download GhostScript (32Bit or 64Bit depending on 2.) and install it with the standard options.
  4. Download Pstoedit (32Bit or 64Bit depending on 2.) and install it with the standard options.
  5. After all start BESgrav and right-click on the import-button, chose the PDF/PostScript via Pstoedit ímport and click OK and import. After an note you can start to import a PDF, PS or EPS file.