The keyboard BES/M24

The machine keyboard is usable with both our path controllers BES/C, BES/S4, BES/P and BES/T and with the controllers CX268, CS268, CG268 of the company KUHLMANN.
The keyboard is usable for manual moving, to set the zero-point and the material surface.
Feedrate and spindle speed are correctable during the processing of the workpiece.
Further it is possible to repeat parts of the workpiece (e.g. in case of tool break). Machine functions and the spindle are switchable. …

For new machines we recommend to use the M25 because it is lighter, cheaper and has more functions.
But if there are already machines with the M24, it is sensible to also equip new machines with this keyboard for a consistent handling. The same holds true for the conversion of CX268 controllers because the M25 is unsuitable for this case.

Present functions; technical characteristics:

  1. Switchover: manual operation (Stop)/automatic operation (Start)
  2. Abort
  3. There are two direction keys for each X-, Y-, Z- and A-axis. Key for rapid traverse (basic speed is alterable with a step switch)
  4. Step by step moving adjustable with step switch: 1 mm/0.1 mm/10 µ /1 µ; for an exact travelling to surfaces, edges…
  5. Feedrate correction during the processing
  6. Spindle speed correction during the processing
  7. Spindle on/off
  8. Three-place diagnostic display
  9. Set zero-point (axes separately settable, so e.g. it is possible to travel to edges one after the other)
  10. Set material surface
  11. Function keys (F1 to F6) to e.g. set or test machine functions manually. To control the repeating.
  12. Emergency stop switch (2-pin).
    (A version with a key is also available; the activated emergency stop switch is then just unlockable by key.)
  13. Altogether: 24 keys, one 10-ary rotary button, 3-place seven-segment-display and 14 LED-readouts
  14. Wall mount with a drilling template is included in the delivery.
  15. Power supply: 24 V, ca. 50-100 mA
  16. Bidirectional communication with galvanic separated current loop
  17. CE-mark
  18. Mobile housing IP65; weight: ca. 1.75 kg
  19. Keyboard surface: Reflex LT ® (polyester)
    Foil out of LEXAN ® (polycarbonate) is available alternatively.
  20. Cable: 4 m length (optional also longer), oil resistant, plug: D-sub 15pin
  21. Measurements:
    Width: 190 mm
    Height: 280 mm
    Depth: 75 mm