The keyboard BES/M25

The machine keyboard for our path controllers BES/C and BES/S4
(Not usable for an upgrading of older machines; the M24 is available for this purpose).

The keyboard answers the purpose of manual moving and adjusting the zero point and the material surface. Feedrate and spindle speed can be corrected during the processing.
Further parts of a workpiece are repeatable (e.g. in case of a tool break), also in combination with an increasing of the engraving depth (increase engraving depth, start the engraving from the beginning).
Machine functions and the spindle are switchable. …

The functions include the functions of the machine keyboard M24.
Additionally there are even more possibilities because of the integrated LCD-display.
Despite the function extensions the price has been reduced as opposed to the M24.

Advantages as opposed to the M24:

  • Running prompt of the positions of the 4 axes.
  • 10 machine functions are switchable and displayable. A freely selectable text is displayed for each function (e.g. “suction”).
  • Moving of one axis by hand wheel.
  • Clearer handling due to the LCD-display. The prompt changes among each chosen function.
  • After the set up of the zero-point on the M25 the machine output starts from the keyboard (with the M24 a controlling on the PC is needed).
  • The keyboard is lighter and handier. The weight has been reduced by 60%.


Present functions; technical characteristics:

  1. Switchover: manual operation (Stop)/automatic operation (Start)
  2. Abort and Reset
  3. There are two direction keys for each X-, Y-, Z- and A-axis. Key for rapid traverse (basic speed is alterable with a step switch)
  4. Step by step moving adjustable: 1 mm/0.1 mm/10 µ /1 µ; for an exact travelling to surfaces, edges…
  5. Feedrate correction during the processing
  6. Spindle speed correction during the processing
  7. Spindle on/off
  8. Diagnostic display
  9. Set zero-point (axes separately settable, so e.g. it is possible to travel to edges one after the other). Start of the machine output from the keyboard (after setting the zero-point).
  10. Set material surface/Z-reference point
  11. Switching up to 10 machine functions, response of the switching status. A text of 10 characters is allocated to each machine function, that is shown in the display.
  12. Emergency stop switch (2-pin): a version with a key (as the M24) is no longer available based on the smaller construction form.
  13. Illuminated LCD-display with 5 lines.
  14. Wall mount with a drilling template is included in the delivery.
  15. Power supply: 24 V, max. ca. 130 mA (in case of switched on LCD-illumination)
  16. Bidirectional communication with galvanic separated current loop
  17. CE-mark
  18. Mobile housing IP65; weight: ca. 700 g
  19. Keyboard surface: polyester; housing material: polystyrene
  20. Cable: 4 m length (optional also longer), oil resistant, plug: D-sub 15pin
  21. Measurements:
    Width: 165 mm
    Height: 260 mm (incl. emergency stop and cable bend protection: 330 mm)
    Depth: 40 mm (incl. rotary button: 58 mm)

Mounting the M25 with wall holder in ball shape:

Two balls, that are included in the delivery, are getting mounted on the wall (distance: 115 mm). The balls are mountable from one side with 2 self-tightening blind rivets.
There are two notches for the balls at the backside of the keyboard:

So it is easy to put the Keyboard onto the balls and remove it again.
During the M25 is used, the unused balls pose no injury risk.

The enlarged space around the LCD-display:

With the buttons below the display one of the 5 display modes is selected.
With the 5 buttons to the left of the display a line is selected.

The 5 display modes:

1. Usual display

    • left:
      • feedrate in % (from 20% to 120% of the default values)
        speed of the milling-/engraving-spindle in rpm = rotations per minute
    • right:
      • position of the 3 basic axes + alternating of one of the other axes
    • lower line:
      • Error/diagnose prompt

2. Zero-point; 4 axes separately
3. Switch machine functions in 2 groups: 1 to 5 and 6 to 10; a text is settable for each functions
4. Adjustment of the step range and the speed of the manual moving
5. Selection of reset, abort, repeating, change of the engraving depth.
Submenus for repeating and engraving depth

An additional mode is activated automatically as soon as the hand wheel is used.
It is needed to select the axes, that shall me moved, and the speed or step range (moving in single steps).